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As we continue to offer more exotic, rare and luxurious fabrics including Scabal, Zegna, Ariston and Loro Piana, the make of your custom garment has to match the level of the textiles. We invite you to try our Imperial custom suit for the absolute best custom experience.

The Imperial experience starts with the full measurement and design session.

Your fitting follow in 3-4 weeks with a basted try-on, which is a raw garment (made from a lesser quality cloth) with no pockets, button-holes or lining which allows us to fine tune and perfect your fit, from sleeve length to button position, to gorge line and lapel width.

The finished garment return 3-4 weeks for the second fitting and any final tailoring.

Paolini Garment maintains your custom pattern based on the final fitting and maintained for our records for future garments.

Inquire for pricing.



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